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Tablecloth Restaurant Quality Food for $3 a Serving

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

Spring is in the air and I'm taking advantage of the nice weather.

The sun is out, there's just a slight breeze and the temperature is forecast to hit the 80 degree mark.  Today is a day for grilling.  For dinner tonight I'm having an apple/bourbon marinated pork tenderloin and bacon-wrapped asparagus.  Can you say, "Tablecloth restaurant quality food?"  Why yes, yes you can....

Both the pork tenderloin and the asparagus were on sale at my local grocery store, hence the impromptu menu.  I got the pork tenderloin for $7 (normally priced around $10 for about 18 ounces) and the asparagus was on sale for just 97 cents a bunch!  Can you say, "Bargain?"  Yes, yes you can....

20180322_173050The beauty of the menu is that it doesn't take long to grill things up at all.   I seared the pork tenderloin over direct heat on all sides, making quarter turns and rotating every two to three minutes and then moved the tenderloin over to indirect heat to finish cooking for another 15 minutes, until I got an internal temp of 155 degrees.  After I pulled the pork to let it rest before slicing, I wrapped up the asparagus in bacon, four sprigs per applewood smoked bacon slice and cooked those up over the coals until the bacon got nice and crispy, maybe 4 minutes tops.  After pulling those off the grill, it was time to plate.

Marinated pork tenderloin and bacon-wrapped asparagus is grilled good eats!  And this meal, with plenty of leftovers was Bachelor on the Cheap friendly, costing about $10 to put together and having enough for three meals.....   What?  Marinated pork tenderloin and bacon-wrapped asparagus for $3 a serving?  Yes.

When you are doing your regular grocery shopping, always be on the lookout for that bargain item - there's always something to grab up that's not on your list.  And if it means scratching something off my list with a budget in mind, I'll gladly do so for pork tenderloin!



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