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Gary Raymond

I have ranked the following BBQ Sauces. I am a vegetarian who uses them on Falafels and Samosas, etc. Based on you liking Kraft better than Stubbs like me, I was wondering what you'd recommend as the best. Thank you, Gary Raymond. Glraymondearthlink.net

TJ Organic Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce and Marinade. Discontinued 9.2020. Organic Tomato Puree, Org. Cane Sugar, Org. Distilled White Vinegar, Organic Molasses, Org. Brown Sugar, etc. Better than their Kentucky Style.

Kraft Slow Simmered Original Barbecue Sauce. High Fructose Corn Syrup, Tomato Puree, Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Molasses, Modified Food Starch, 2% Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor, etc. A bit sweet but usable.

TJ Kentucky Style. Not as good "Traditional Taste".

1. Simple Truth Organic Original. Sweeter than Kraft (Not a good thing).
2. Ray's Original. Sweeter than Simple Truth and a little weird tasting.
3. Stubb's Original. Not sweet but strong weird taste. Do not like at all!

TJ (sugar) >> Kraft > Heinz Classic Sweet &Thick > Texas Bold Spicy (Anchovy!). (Both sugar not high fructose corn syrup).

02/24/2019 Liked Kraft Orig. over Stubbs Orig.
BBQ Sauce Challenge: Stubbs Original vs. Kraft Original - Bachelor on the Cheap.
By Mike Thayer

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